Bewareboyz was born in Asheville nc.... grew up there until age 10 which didn't have any rap stations and still doesn't.... it wasnt until the Bewareboyz move to a town name Addor where they fell in love with music they had been rapping since Jr. high school when they came up with thier group the bewareboyz. The name Bewareboyz came from thier last name being ware and just being brothers Bewareboyz dad hasnt been in thier life since they moved to addor at age 10.... when in asheville they had an hard time after thier grandmother died, things got rocky when they started living in abandoned houses but they shorty move with thier grandmother in addor nc coming from the bottom and going for the top seem like the only move to be made. Bewareboyz have had thier website for a couple of years they started on myspace like a not of others but after myspace died thier music buzz also did ....soundcloud wasnt very big a few years ago so they gave music a break but came to a point in thier life that they knew if they really stop they would never forgive themself ... so they started back on mixtapes on datpiff but came to the point to know it would never make them money so they started getting beats from producers doing albums. They just started a entertainment company which they can own thier own publishing they have more videos this year on youtube then any other year they are looking to become someones favorite rapper and plan on working hard to get there giving the world its 1st blue print behind the bewareboyz